Research Paper:

Cybersecurity Needs Attention


2017 will be a year of unwavering political and economic uncertainty on so many levels. But one thing we can be pretty sure about is that the deliberate hacking of corporate and government IT systems for criminal, personal or counterintelligence purposes will remain a growth industry.

Recent high profile victims of cyberattacks include the US Department of Justice (DoJ), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Wendy’s, and Yahoo alongside various healthcare providers and educational institutions. The names will change in the coming year but the numbers probably won’t.

IDG Connect surveyed over 200 organizations in the US to learn more about the cyber threats they face, how they manage them and where they think the most effective improvements to current systems can be made. Almost a quarter worked for companies employing more than 5,000 employees, and the majority held either C-Level executive (CIO, CTO and CSO) or IT director roles. Almost all maintain responsibility for IT or cybersecurity functions within their organization.

Respondents were drawn from a wide range of vertical sectors, including software and computer services, construction and architecture, healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical, and financial services or banking.

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